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I See Whispers of the Snakes in the Grass

This story follows the accounts of the life Ramón as a member of the college track team in the story “The Truth about the Lie I Live” and later evolved as the central character, along with his life’s partner Anabela, in the story “Healthy Waters Don’t Cry like This.” As a couple who survived the heartbreaking betrayal of adultery, they worked through problems for the sake of their children Jez, Seven and Breeze.  In this story “I See the Whispers of the Snakes in the Grass, Anabela, had unacceptable behavior, before, during and after her marriage to Ramón. Single women wonder why Anabela “got the ring” in spite of exhibiting behavior unbecoming an acceptable wife. Now Anabela is expecting a new baby that may or may not be biologically connected to her husband Ramón.  Ramón made a vow to God that the unborn child in which Anabela is carrying would be his regardless of the DNA. Reconciliation with her husband did not stop the venomous gossip that espoused Anabela “is not” a woman who desires to have a God fearing husband. Nonetheless, God has the last word regarding who Anabela “is” and “is” prepared “to become.”

Published by St. Paul Press
ISBN-10: 1544851456
ISBN-13: 978-1544851457
Price: $10.99
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