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A Hoodie Ain't a Coat

Trial by fire will let you know who your real friends are.

A Hoodie Ain’t a Coat is a coming of age story about Jez. Jez is a young man looking for a place to fit in. The street corner appeared to be the perfect place to gain a rep as Jez developed a swagger that reigned within his circle of friends. Pressed to become part of a family unit, Jez sought to be affiliated with the local Lee Street Gang to become the understudy of its leader. The unconventional nature of Jez’s relationship with the leader was never openly discussed with his boys even after Jez received the devastating news.
Includes 12 full-color illustrations
Published by St. Paul Press
ISBN: 978-0983265184
Price: $16.99
Available on, as an ebook on Amazon Kindle, and wherever fine books and e-books are sold.

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